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Analyse the representation of women in ‘Man with a Movie Camera’

(This was written as part of my Silent Cinema module during my second year at The University of Warwick) Within my analysis of Man with a Movie Camera [Vertov, VUFKU, Soviet Union, 1929] I intend to show Vertov’s representation of women in two different ways; namely women as workers and as machines. It is necessary … Continue reading

Textual Analysis: Post 1990, Shameless (2004-)

(This was one third of a dossier that I had to do for Basic Television in Year Two of The University of Warwick) Within this analysis I will be looking at the opening sequence from the first episode for the first series of Shameless (Company for Channel 4, 2004-). By analysing the mise-en-scene I intend … Continue reading

To what extent was neorealist cinema a product of the disruption of normal filmmaking in Italy between 1943-1948?

(This is an essay that I wrote in my second year whilst at The University of Warwick for my National Cinema module) To fully explore the extent to which neorealist cinema was a disruption of ‘normal’ filmmaking methods within Italy, it is first necessary to study those narrative and stylistic techniques of the period before … Continue reading